Monday, February 01, 2016

Film: Stop Making Sense

I've liked Talking Heads for years but never seen their live shows so when the PCC announced they were showing Stop Making Sense, a film made by Silence of the Lambs director Jonathon Demme which edited 3 nights into a single performance I thought I'd pop along.

and it was amazing. Starting from an empty stage where the instruments, band and lights are brought in over the first 4 songs I already liked the direction this was going in. Just the idea of seeing the roadies set up as part of the performance was new to me. Each song had a slightly different production, whether it consisted of visuals being projected behind, or lit differently; basically there was enough variation to keep the show interesting.

and how amazing is their bass player? Seeing live events on a screen is a bit weird when you're sat down; a few people did get up and dance down the side of the theatre, but the music was great and the ever great PCC crowd would show their appreciation after each song with a big cheer and clapping session!

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