Monday, February 08, 2016

Film: Point Break

The original Point Break was released in '91 and still stands up as one of the best action movies ever made, so I don't know which stupid person thought it would be good to do a remake and why a movie company chose to greenlight it. Perhaps they'd assume the current generation wouldn't know the original existed.

The plot is terrible introducing some stupid 8 challenges of extreme sports as a plot device to show different extreme sports such as wingsuits, rock climbing etc, which some chap is trying to achieve to attain a nirvana status (and I don't mean shooting himself in the head). 

There's no chemistry between Utah and Bodhi this time around. They talk to each other like Terrence and Philip, and I don't know who thought it would be good casting to have cockney geezer Ray Winstone as a British FBI agent. The one woman in the film (called Samsara this time as some sort of attempt at a hippy oracle persona) is so wooden I'm surprised they managed to get her to sink in her freediving sequence.

Save your money, and watch 90 minutes of Pepsi Max commercials whilst drinking Red Bull and high-fiving your badly tattooed bros for the "Point Break '16" experience.

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