Sunday, February 28, 2016

Graffiti: Bethnal Green

At the NZCA Lines gig a couple of weeks ago we walked from Bethnal Green station and spotted some graffiti on the way but it was too dark to photograph so I decided to head back at an earlier time of day and explore the area. I walked up as far as the canal path.

Jim Vision and Irony

Trust Icon. I couldn't be bothered moving the bags to get the full shot.

The full wall



Sweet Toof




My favourite of the day. The detail is amazing.

Amara Por Dios


Eoin is from Ireland and is currently doing these rope style pieces around East London

The silver foil pieces are the work of Fanakapan



Dscreet has done many of these owls around East London


Dscreet once again

Fire extinguisher pieces are usually rubbish but somehow the consistency in paint has been retained.

Zabou I think. I'd like to go back when the shop is closed as the furniture is blocking at least one other piece here.

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