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South Africa

I've done quite a bit of travelling over the last few years, a mixture of short weekend breaks and long haul adventures. Last Summer I was invited to a trip taking place this January that combined both; a weekend break to South Africa. The itinerary was 1 day travelling down, 2 days in Cape Town, 2 days in Joburg and 1 day to fly home, quite easily my most bonkers trip to date.

Here's the report.

Ratanga Junction

The first of the main parks was Ratanga Junction, a short drive of around 20 minutes from the centre of Cape Town. The park is home to 3 rollercoasters and a bunch of other rides. The park has a Q shaped layout with the park entrance being the tail and the main path circling the park.

Waiting in the queue line was a snake handler. I know someone who wouldn't be comfortable here!

At the main intersection of the path is the theatre area surrounded by a number of restaurants. There was a fairly average talent show on later in the day, but the best entertainment for me ca…