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Sweden Tour

Continuing my week of theme park visiting I spent a few days visiting Sweden with the European Coaster Club taking in 4 parks; the city parks of Gothenburg and Stockholm and two located between them. This report is a write up of that.

Liseberg This park is located in the centre of Gothenburg and is an amazing city park with attractions and entertainment to keep all generations and coaster riders happy.

Rabalder is a recent addition to the park replacing a childrens coaster with one that's a little bit bigger and a little more fun to ride. Being the smallest coaster in the park we got it out of the way and the park had very kindly given us the opportunity to ride this before opening the public as a general introduction to the welcome.

Lisebergbahn is a large terrain coaster situated on the hill within the park. This ride is approaching 25 years of age, usually a sign that it's going to be rough. However the park has maintained the ride superbly and it still runs extremely well. We …