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Review: 2016

The first thing I told myself in 2016 was to document everything I do, which I've done, and you're reading it. That makes looking back and writing this so much easier to do than in previous years.

I wanted to average one gig a month, I managed way more than that with the highlights being Chvrches at the Albert Hall, Underworld at the Roundhouse and Above and Beyond's acoustic set in Hackney. My favourite gig however was Anna Meredith's Scala show which was on another level. As well as the gigs I managed to hit a few festivals, witnessing LCD Soundsystem at Lovebox was something special, Super Furry Animals at By The Sea was entertaining and at BlueDot, which I think will become a regular for me, I preferred the DJs to the live acts with Cheeba, Yoda and Shadow all playing amazing sets.

I continue to see DJ Yoda way too much
Despite my best attempts Yoda continues to be the artist I've seen the most again with 5 shows this year and me giving up on a sixth as …

Film: Bill and Ted's Double Bill (and double Ted)

The Prince Charles Cinema has an excellent Christmas season consisting of Yuletide classics (including Die Hard of course) and some other fun nights to keep the punters visiting during what usually be cinemas' quietest time of year. 
One such night was a back-to-back showing of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journeys. Excellent!
First up was Excellent Adventure which is probably the stronger of the two as our two heroes travel back in time to research their History exam. This is great with an excellent cast, Jane Weidlin playing Joan of Arc being my favourite. 
Second up was Bogus Journey which is still entertaining but not as fun as the first one. This one sees the two heroes being killed and their journey back into the real world. The scenes with Death are great and I still like the fact Turbo from the Breakdance films is one of the robot us's.  This is also the film that features the best erection reference ever put to film "I've got a full-on ro…

Film: Rogue One

Don't tell the nephews, I'm supposed to be seeing it with them in January.
This year's Star Wars film is a self-contained story that sits between parts 3 and 4 and is based on how the rebels got their hands on the Death Star plans. My review doesn't really matter, you've probably already seen it, so here are my observations instead, which I've tried to keep spoiler-free. 
I'm not sure how two of the cameo appearances are in the scene they're in. It doesn't fit their timeline.
This films serves as a much better intro to part 4 than part 3 does.
It's definitely a self-contained story and works because of that. 
The Akbar look-a-like is sitting in a chair that looks like it was made from B&Q plumbing parts.
If there's a small character, it's probably Warwick Davis playing him. This theory still stands.
IpMan has a great line about being blind.
There's a great scene showing the stormtroopers inability to shoot straight.
The ending i…

Runaway Trains

Brandon Connell
Charles Barker
Charlie Appleton
Darren Whyatt
James Henry Williams
Jamie Whiting
Jason Hill
Jay Weightman
Michael Gallagher
Michael Mulhearne
Oliver Gilbey
Raymond Richmond
Stanley Whyatt

Go Gators

Alfie Parish
Arthur Smith
Charles Farrell Jr
Darren Matthews
David Brixton
Irvin Leisure
James Danter
Jay Burden
John Barker
John Carey
Joseph Owen
Len Pettigrove
Leonard Derry
Max Cubbins
Steven Hill

Event: Brian and Robin Christmas Compendium

An end of year fund-raising bash compered by Professor Brian Cox and not-a-Professor Robin Ince saw an amazing array of surprise guests keeping a packed venue entertained for 4 hours. A long event but a good one, if you could tolerate the heat; it was very hot in the venue.
Anyway here's a list of the acts.
Jack Liebeck quartet played us in, a nice live classical soothener (is that a word) to get us ready for the show ahead.
Public Service Broadcasting who I've seen three times this year now opened up with a short set of their space-themed music. 
Helen Czerski gave the first science lecture of the evening. I've forgotten what it was about :/
Andrew Steele gave a very entertaining presentation on stats with some alarming insight into how badly we as a race spend our money comparing average spend on weddings vs health research for example.
Festival of the Spoken Nerd mixed music, comedy and science in an fun presentation. 
Steve Backshall gave a talk on sharks
Adam Rutherf…

Event: Bug 53

The final Bug of 2016 had a cold-ridden Adam take us through another selection of entertaining music videos with a great selection and a few that I'd seen in recent weeks that I predicted would be up for inclusion in the show.
"Vowels" by Capital Cities was a good start with a signing dancer taking to the streets of downtown LA. The choreography is great and at the end was cute! The director of this was Remy Cayuela. Two hours after the show this is the one I'm being drawn back to so is probably my pick of the night on that basis.
The second video from the recently reappeared Avalanches is for, what I think is, one of the stronger tracks on the new album "Because I'm Me". The director Greg Brunkalla has done a great job turning the mashed up track into a video about a young lad who's trying to impress a ticket booth attendant with the power of dance. 
The first time Katie Melua has been at Bug and as terrible as her music is the video here for &quo…

Film: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This is a film that I'd seen advertised but had heard nothing about, then the Prince Charles Cinema started a heavy run of it and trusting their judgement I thought it would be worth seeing, even more so when they announced £1 a ticket for members. Bonus!
The film tells the tale of a delinquent kid who is put into the foster care of a couple who live on the edge of the bush. Circumstances result in them being lost in the bush being hunted by the authorities for reasons I won't spoil here.
The film is well told, and an entertaining film that would appeal to all ages, and I get why the Prince Charles are showing. If you're looking for something other than a Christmas film then give this one a go; they're showing it quite a lot.