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Plans for 2014

At a high level I'm looking to do the following.


Bucharest @ RomaniaSofia @ Bulgaria (NEW)New Delhi @ India (NEW)Reykjavik @ Iceland (NEW)Dakar @ Senegal (NEW)Rabat @ Morocco (NEW)

Estimate is around 80 but I'm happy if I go to 100, unhappy if I go higher; I really need to keep the hobby under control.

2013 Year in Review

I had no new countries visited this year but I did still manage to visit the following.

IrelandNorthern Ireland (twice)Scotland (twice)WalesAmerica (twice)ChinaItaly

78 parks (there were more with no coasters)
17 fairs
5 Ridge Riders

and from those I was able to ride 156 new coasters. This is down on last year's 227 but is still too many so I'll be doing less next year. I did reach 1400 (Maximus @ Crealy's) and 1500 (Space Coaster @ M&D's). I only have around 70 to ride in 2014 if I'm to reach 1600.

More importantly some of my holidaying had nothing to do with coasters. I had a blast in January visiting Seattle for Twin Peak locations and the Cirque shows in Vegas, and I'm considering doing similar again next year.

China 2013

It's taken a while but the China trip report is now up and running.

It's available here or over on the links section in the top right.



Some pictures of a recent trip to Bristol primarily to photograph two rumoured new Banksys. He was photographed doing the second one so probably can't take ownership. However the style is definitely his.

Boe and Ivory

Boe and Ivory have been in town adding some new animals to the streets of East London. I quite like these pieces although I think Roa is still better.


I've been giving myself a challenge of not wasting my weekends at home and seeing the UK this year. If a coaster I've not ridden shows up in a town I've not been to then it's a good reason to go visit. So, hearing of a new travelling coaster that used to reside on the Isle of Wight before being sold appearing in the Northern town of Bradford it seemed a good reason to go and visit. After a 3 hour train ride and a 1 hour uphill walk east out of the city I arrived at the old tram sheds site where the fair was located. Despite being advertised as on, the fair had already packed up. A quick call to the fair an revealed some sort of quarrel with the local council, and a search online revealed that the fair man had submitted his request 2 days before the bank holiday weekend leaving no time for them to process and authorise it. Ah we'll, c'est la vie. I'll just have to keep my eyes open for the next time the coaster pops up. Bradford is famous for its curry ho…