Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

I had no new countries visited this year but I did still manage to visit the following.

  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland (twice)
  • Scotland (twice)
  • Wales
  • America (twice)
  • China
  • Italy

78 parks (there were more with no coasters)
17 fairs
5 Ridge Riders

and from those I was able to ride 156 new coasters. This is down on last year's 227 but is still too many so I'll be doing less next year. I did reach 1400 (Maximus @ Crealy's) and 1500 (Space Coaster @ M&D's). I only have around 70 to ride in 2014 if I'm to reach 1600.

More importantly some of my holidaying had nothing to do with coasters. I had a blast in January visiting Seattle for Twin Peak locations and the Cirque shows in Vegas, and I'm considering doing similar again next year.

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