Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Film: Samurai Cop 2

The original Samurai Cop 2 came out in 1991 and was became a cult classic on account of it being entertaining but so so bad; famous for having the lead actor, Mathew Karedas, having to wear a wig in fight sequences after he thought filming was complete and he'd had his long hair cut off. 

The sequel was announced via a Kickstarter in 2015, and brought Mathew back to reprise the role of Joe Marshall after the film's director discovered the actor was still alive (I kid you not). This time he goes up against warring Yakuza cartels after he discovers one of them was responsible for the death of his wife.  The women roles are all played by porn stars and the main bad guy is played by Tommy Wiseau, one of the worst actor/directors of all time. In this I could barely understand his dialogue and the few I did make out were lines recited wrong e.g. "It's my birth weight" instead of "It's my birth right" (apparently Tommy can't learn lines and just repeated them on set after the director would read them out)

This film is bad, and whilst funny, it's not the unintentional genius that its predecessor has. 

One nice touch was that Mathew has come to Europe to promote the film, with his real hair and spent time with us before and after the film. A nice chap!

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