Saturday, February 27, 2016

Graffiti: Walthamstow

With my hobbies well known by my friends I'm often made aware of things I may have missed and I had an example this week where I received a photo of an Irony and Boe piece a friend had taken in Walthamstow. I was aware of some pieces having walked past them last year on the way to a festival but it turns out there was a large festival in 2015 with a lot of pieces around the city. 

First is just south of Walthamstow Central station and is by Connor Harrington.

This is the Irony & Boe piece, which is great but a bitch to photograph. I've taken several pics of pieces by these guys in the past and this looks to be another in their urban animals series.

A couple by Carne Griffiths.

Found outside a religious centre.

A little bit random.

I've no idea on this one.

Indigenous tribes pieces like this are usually Dale Grimshaw

A Cenz piece

Teddy Baden


ATM. These are together but there was a car in the middle.

Some nice little pieces above a gym

Phlegm. These are altogther but a skip was in the way.

I stumbled upon this completely by accident but it's called Gods Own Junkyard and is a vast collection of neon some of which can be hired. I've given this it's own page!


Vic Lee


Guisi, this one was a fair walk away from the others up by Higham's Park

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