Sunday, February 21, 2016

Graffiti: Brixton

Not far from home and a bus ride from Croydon, so with nothing to do today I thought I'd drop by.

The David Bowie memorial site continues to pull people in. The flowers are a little bit whiffy now though :)
(How much extra business has Jimmy C got from this?)

Liking this one. There are a number of protest pieces along the railway line. This area is being threatened with gentrification. Sad, that only a few years ago Brixton was a no-go place to most :(

Found these in a pop up food place over the road from the railway pieces.
The large piece is Cenz and the final piece I recognise as Hunto. I've no idea on the other two.

These two Osch pieces are linked but I couldn't get the angle as those guys were busy talking about picking up prostitutes. They were still going on 10 minutes later.

Irony did the woman, Artista did the toast.

A couple by Malarky

Further up Brixton Hill around the site of the old South Side Bar are these pieces, starting with another Cenz (not Chris)

Part of a nice large piece by Tizer.

Another Jimmy C

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