Thursday, February 18, 2016

Event: C215 Booksigning @ StolenSpace

If I had to choose my top 3 graffiti artists then Banksy would be an easy first choice. Given the effort I'm putting into tracking his stuff down and having bought a couple of prints Dank would now be second and C215 would be third. Christian Guemy, the man behind C215, has been taking his stencil art around the world, visiting London every year and leaving a lot of art around Brick Lane (his favourite spot in our city). So when StolenSpace gallery announced Christian was going to be signing copies of his new book "La Monographie", I had to pop along.

There was a bit of queue with 40 of the 50 available books being purchased. That's pretty good going.

The book, which is a hefty tome with lots of photos and a free cat stencil in the back. I reckon I could compile a lot of my photos into a book.

Christian signing my copy. You get a message and two stamps.

I chose the girl and Yoda. Most people were choosing Yoda and R2 and I wanted to be a little different. The girl was one of his first I came across so relevant.

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