Monday, February 22, 2016

Comedy: Old Rope

One of my favourite regular nights out, which I need to hit more often is the Old Rope comedy night which takes place nearly every Monday in the basement of The Phoenix pub behind Oxford Circus. It's a night for established acts to try out new material, so you get a quick performance but with a decent number of acts to mix it all up. The old rope is to be touched should the acts recite an already established joke.

This week's acts, and the plan here is to capture the best jokes but I left it too long to write this up and forgot most of it.

Suzi Ruffell (Compere) - Very good, with council estate lesbian gags, oh and she's from Portsmouth.
Nish Kumar - Solid comedian
Robin Ince - Love this guy. He ranted!
Chris Kent - Welsh guy, a little weak compared to the others.
Tiffany Stevenson - I like Tiff a lot, she's never used lube!
Tony Law - Canadian guy, loud and very surreal. He likes the bit where you're trampolining where you're up there, but it doesn't last for long.
Nick Helm - This guy was angry with us for not giving him the right respect when he came to the stage.
Mark Watson (Headliner) - A little random but funny.

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