Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Film: Deadpool


Deadpool is the fourth-wall breaking immortal super hero who had a brief movie cameo in the Wolverine Origins movie but became super popular in 2014 when a preview trailer of the film was released. The Marvel films, as great as they've been, have set a PC environment for the films to take place drifting away from some of the more adult themes that the original comics had. The cynic in me says this is purely for merchandising reasons.

So it's refreshing to see that no such sacrifice has been made with Deadpool, becoming the first US R-rated Marvel hero film and it's an origins story explaining how Wade Wilson becomes the eponymous super hero. It has cameos from a couple of X-Men and has plenty of wisecracks and adult jokes to keep the audience entertained. In fact you'll find yourself laughing during the opening credits, and there aren't many films that'll do that. My favourite joke was a little jibe around there only being two X-Men in the mansion in this film.

and it's been great to read that it has done extremely well in it's opening weekend, which bodes well for more films like this. 

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