Sunday, February 28, 2016

Graffiti: Shoreditch

There's always new stuff in Shoreditch so if I'm in the area I'll always drop by.

This Dank piece has been there for a while now.

This was work in process when I last went along this road, so nice to see the finish product.

The Village Underground piece wasn't painted this time. It's a huge print that has been erected instead.

Liking the colour on this.

That's pretty good, just a shame it's an ad for a game.

There's been some new pieces added to Sclater Street; that's the road that joins Shoreditch to Brick Lane.

I'm liking this one. Just a shame a market had appeared since I'd passed it earlier in the day.

Nice detail on these pieces.

Ben Eine on one of his regular walls.


No idea, but I quite like this.

The Shoreditch Graffiti wall was a large advert for a new video game this time.

A couple near Shoreditch station.

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