Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gig: NZCA Lines @ The Pickle Factory

A very small, and some might say intimate venue for my second trip to an NZCA Lines gig, this time at one-time genuine pickle factory in Cambridge Heath, east London. I got to see them at a small festival in Margate last year.

The act initially started as a project with Michael Lovett but in 2014 he pulled in Sarah Jones, who has been busy recently touring with Hot Chip and Charlotte Hatherley, famous for being in Ash and the three piece have been on and off for the last 2 years. 

I won't hide my fan-love for Sarah having been blown away by her playing drums, keyboards and singing with Hot Chip's Alexis and Scritti Politti at a great little intimate gig in a Jazz Club in London, and have been a borderline stalker fan trying my best to see her play every time she plays in London.

but I digress, this is really Michael's gig with a new concept album Infinite Summer telling a story of some dystopian future (I guess that explains the white outfits). Backstory aside, the music live sounded great. We'd made it right down to the front and the speakers immediately to our right weren't over deafening, which is nice!

Stand out tracks were Jessica and current single Two Hearts, which is going to be in my favourite tracks of the year I'm sure. The encore "How Long Does it Take" had some stunning guitar playing from Charlotte giving it a nice kick that isn't quite as strong on the album. I was also blown away by Sarah's syncopated drumming on Persephone Dreams too. I have no idea how she can keep those beats and sing at the same time; very jealous indeed.

A great little gig, so hot that the fire alarm went off part way through and a nice welcoming crowd made this a good evening and with them playing at Koko in a couple of months, things are looking really good for the three of them!

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