Sunday, February 07, 2016

Gig: DJ Yoda @ Electric Ballroom

DJ Yoda doing a Superbowl themed AV set at a free party in Camden. What's not to like?
Well the weather I would guess as when I got there it was very empty and didn't pick up much the whole time I was there. Yoda was playing at 10-11 with the game starting at midnight.

It was perhaps too soon, or perhaps people just didn't come along. The weather was horrendous and I'm sure that was a factor with people choosing to stay in. Anyway, for the few that did make the effort they were rewarded with a great set with lots of American Football outakes, celebrations and cheerleading clips mixed in alongside the usual muppets, youtube and hip hop tracks you usually get in his amazing sets.

An added bonus was that he'd brought along a sample of his Austen's BBQ menu to the venue. I've yet to get to the restaurant but having enjoyed the brisket here I definitely need to get there.

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