Monday, April 11, 2016

Film: Hardcore Henry

Rock band Broken Elbow had a music video that went viral in 2015. "Bad Motherfucker" made use of a go-pro fastened to a stuntman to create a first person video. Well it would appear some movie mogul was so impressed they asked the team to produce a full length film, and Hardcore Henry is the result.

The story has Henry, a bionic soldier escaping from an abduction attempt then having to pursue the kidnappers when they escape with his girlfriend instead. Accompanied by a guy who keeps coming back from the dead called Jimmy he seeks to rescue the girl and defeat the bad guy.

It's certainly very different and at times quite hard to keep up with. I can imagine some percentage of the audience getting motion sickness in places. The stunt work is great with my favourite being a foot chase over a bridge and down an escalator but the editing lets it down a little a bit as continuity is sacrificed in favour of continual action sequences. It also suffers slightly from having put all the best scenes in the trailer.

I think we'll see more films of this type and I'm with the resurgence of VR technology I wouldn't be surprised to see 360 films soon too. An interesting insight into technology, but not story telling.

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