Sunday, May 01, 2016

Graffiti: Brick Lane & Shoreditch

I was bored so thought I'd head to East London to see if any new pieces had appeared...

Amara Por Dios


Great to see this one still standing undamaged.

A unique style, almost water colour in nature.

Village Underground. I can only guess the artist had a lot of green paint to use up.

I love this style.


The Sepr/Dank collab has seen better days :(

The Krah usually does robots but I saw a few of these on this occasion.

The White Rabbit

A bit hard to make out but beautiful!

Beautiful piece by Jim Vision.

The next ones were all found in a bar on Brick Lane.


The Meeting of Styles are due to come to Brick Lane in May so I thought I'd visit the location one more time to get photos of the current pieces before they're painted over.



I love what they've done with the van. Masa did the animal side.

Loving this. Jim Vision again.

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