Sunday, May 29, 2016

Film: Radio On

It's very brave of the programmer at The Prince Charles to choose films for the Mystery Movie nights, knowing that the audience are trusting him to choose a film that'll entertain. After the entertaining if cheesy The Green Slime of last month, this time he chose the 1979 film Radio On.

This film is a black-and-white film telling the tale of a man who travels from London to Bristol after hearing his brother has died there. So, off to a happy start then! Along the way he meets a couple of uninspiring characters equally as dull as the protagonist, and then he drives home.

So, not a film I would choose for a night out, but one I'm glad to have seen. I don't like to be challenged by film; the dumber it is the more I'm drawn to it. Having said that I totally understood what the director was trying to portray, the bleakness of Thatcher's Britain, and he did that well. 

I did enjoy the soundtrack, with the film opening with Bowie's "Heroes" and including some Kraftwerk, Ian Drury and Devo. In fact the opening credits only detailed the soundtrack, which is odd. The closing credits made mention of Wim Wenders, which explains the style shown here.

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