Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Film: Green Room

A hard-up rock band are given a gig in the middle of nowhere to an audience of skinheads. Whilst there one of them spots something they shouldn't and they end up barricading themselves in the titular green room whilst the skinheads do what they can to ensure they don't escape to tell anyone.

So it's quite a tense little film, the confined setting adding to the tension. It reminded me of Deliverance and Southern Comfort in feel; a group out of their depth trying to escape from an unknown element who know the surroundings better than they do. Patrick Stewart was the only actor I recognised, completely out of place as the leader of the skins but still manages a menacing performance.

It's a little gory, nothing major, but some of the jumps do come from nowhere, giving no build up which takes from the moments a little bit.

Enjoyable but forgettable. 

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