Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gig: DJ Yoda & Friends @ Netil House

The second time I've seen Yoda in a month and after the excellent set at the POW, he announced this day party to see the month out. This'll be the first of a few events he has planned and it was off to a good start. I'd been to Netil House once before to see Kavinsky in a large warehouse rave environment. Today however we were on the top floor in a small indoor bar and outdoor terrace. 

I got there early and Australian DJ Tasty Lopez was already up spinning some Summery hip hop and RnB. After a brief set she stepped aside and let Canadian Skratch Bastid up. This is a DJ I'd wanted to see live for a long time having been wowed by his turning of Buck 65 into the Star Wars theme at a DMC championship. This set was great with him including his scratch tributes to David Bowie and Prince. A top act and I'm glad the small crowd who got there early enough to witness his stuff enjoyed it too, although our nice quaint British round of applause did catch him off guard. 

Yoda went on next in his Sparkle Motion persona, which is more 90s RnB than hip hop and the cut-and-paste stuff he's more famous more, and I suddenly twigged that the second hour at Brixton was this sort of music. 

Unfortunately I had double-booked the night and I decided to leave at that point, missing the excellent Hackney Colliery Band, 2 more Yoda sets and another Lopez one. The crowd may have danced later on but it was all quite laid back whilst I was there. Being on my own I had not much to do but listen, drink, eat  and use the phone. When it ran out of charge, I'd drunk enough, and eaten 2 pulled pork burgers I decided it was time to go.

A fun day; next time I'll arrive a bit later.

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