Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gig: DJ Yoda @ Prince of Wales

On a rather lovely day what better way to spend some time in the sun than on the terrace of the Prince of Wales venue in Brixton with DJ Yoda on the decks?

A great evening with a nice early 2-hour set from 7 to 9 Yoda gave us a set of two halves. The first consisting of his cut up style that befits with an AV show but just classic tracks including a number of tracks from the recently deceased Prince. In fact once his opening credits were out of the way he opened up with Kiss. A great opener! 

The second half was a more conventional set but with another great track selection but more on the R&B than the hip hop tip of the preceding hour. Not my genre of choosing but it was good to hear some SWV though. This man clearly has the knack of when to play a tune as well as his technical prowess :)

So a great set, with a great crowd. The owner was at the front cheering and even the security guards were hitting the floor (but still being professional I should add). A really good time and well done to the promoter in booking this, and kudos to whoever the warm up DJ was, he did a great job also. 

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