Saturday, May 21, 2016

Film: X-Men: Apocalypse

The last in this timeline of X-Men films brings the First Class to a conclusion as our junior x-men take on the original mutant known as Apocalypse. Now I know Apocalypse from the original animated series and he was a bad ass - he isn't as so in the film. The other thing I noticed was the amount of particle effects in the CGI. People turn to dust, buildings crumble and we see a lot of sand storms. Somehow Magneto gets to raze entire towns giving rise to even more dusty effects.

The standout effect in the last X-Men film was Quicksilvers bullet time run, and he gets the best effect here as he rescues the children from an exploding Xavier Mansion. In X-Men 3, we were quickly introduced to Psylocke who was one of my favourite characters in the comic books, the fact she was killed off just as quick shows how poor that film was; so it was nice in this one to see her get some decent screen time and live this time.

So it's an OK film, not amazing and that's the worst thing with this franchise. They have the material to make great stories and have the budget for a great film but somehow they fail to put it altogether into a convincing film. Good, but not X-citing!

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