Saturday, May 21, 2016

Park: Paulton's Park

A quick trip back to Paulton's Park near Southampton, this time with the European Coaster Club and a chance to visit the dinosaur kingdom that I was unable to get into last month.

The club had arranged for an early start as we had a morning ERS. It was nice to get the welcome from the park too.

We started the day with an ERS on Cobra. I chose to just take photos and didn't ride anything but the others had a good time, despite the weather.

Then there was a takeover on the park's Disko.

I spent too long trying to get a good photo of this thing. 

Velociraptor is the new shuttle coaster and a great ride for the park. Unlike Ben 10 at Drayton, which is similar, this coaster has it's spikes facing away from each other. 

There are a large number of 

The small coaster that used to be called Stinger is now an incredibly well themed kiddy coaster.

There are a lot of animatronic animals on the jeep ride also.

The best coaster in the park is now the Flight of the Pterosaur, a suspended vekoma coaster that thrilled every one who rode it. I liked the final helix which whips within a rock wall. A lot of kids coming off this were commenting this was the biggest coaster they'd ever ridden.

Still loving the topiary. I didn't go into the Pepa Pig bit this time and left the club after lunch to head back to Southampton. 

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