Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sightseeing: Hastings

I had nothing to do and the weather was nice so I thought I'd head to the seaside. I quite like Hastings and thought I'd pay it another visit.

Some odd stained glassed installation in one of the city galleries.

The tall black sheds were this shape due to the small footprint granted to each owner. 

RX indicates Rye and Hastings fleet. Rye is the next town east along the coast.

Seagulls taking a break.

In the background is one of Hasting's funicular railways. 

There's a miniature railway that runs from the amusement park to the East Hill

Looking back

Looking down on the town, nestled between the two hills.

Prime location

Down on the sea front. If only there was somewhere to buy fish and chips

A quick shot of Flamingo Park, the small town amusement park.

Odd mixture of seaside buildings.

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