Sunday, May 22, 2016

Park: Pirates Cove Fun Park

We finished our day with a quick trip to the town of Shanklin on the east coast. This park is a small collection of rides including a coaster; the reason for dropping by.

We had much better weather today than we had in Southampton yesterday.

The coaster is a small 14-seater kids thing and we were able to get 14 of the group on the ride. The operator kindly let us remain on for a second go, although some of us were a little embarrassed to do so. We did attract a crowd of confused locals wondering why were were enjoying the ride so much.

The rest of the park was tailored more for the little 'uns with plenty of things for them to do. Not so much for us. We made do with some chips from a nearby food place.

and that was our little trip to the Isle of Wight. Thanks to Ben for pulling this trip together.

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