Sunday, May 08, 2016

Graffiti: Stepney

I'd heard of a new set of pieces having gone up in Stepney close to Mile End and as it was a nice day, and insomnia had made sure I was awake early I decided to go and check this out.

These pieces were found around a skate park, not quite what I was looking for but cool all the same.

Further to the east I found what I was looking for, around a dozen pieces painted on the railway line arches, all part of a theme of close to extinct species. Organised by Masai, who has this as a recurring theme in his work, there was some stunning pieces.

This one was cool as it was a tiled mosaic with lots of facts about animal extinction and the government's policies or lack of towards it.

The sunny day and trees made it hard to get good photos of all the pieces.

These pieces are all located close to Acroyd Drive. Wear some good shoes to get close, it'd get muddy if it's been raining.

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