Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tiesto @ Indigo2

I saw Tiesto twice last year and a few weeks ago he announced a one-off gig to celebrate the launch of his DVD of his "Elements of Life" tour.

Rather than taking place at Alexandra Palace, which was a great event with poor gate control (2+ hours queuing to get in), on this occasion Indigo2 had been chosen, which is a smaller venue within the Millennium Dome complex.

Due to a website failure when ordering, I had a spare ticket and made a Dutch guy very happy when I sold him it. He'd come over with his ticket-owning friends on the off chance he'd be able to get one. I could have ripped him off but my conscience is better than that so I only charged him what I'd paid for it. Earl would be happy!

It was a really nice little venue. No security meant no queues; there were checks but only by exception. The cloak room was only a pound and had a tiny queue. The bar had plenty of staff behind it so even getting drinks took no time at all.

When we got there the warm up DJ was doing his stuff getting the crowd in the mood for the night. He looked like a school kid that had won a competition, but he was pretty good nonetheless.

Soon after they started the show and showed the DVD on the big screen. This was all a bit odd, much like dancing in front of your TV but with the room full of friends. Because there was no interaction with the media, like you get with a DJ, we had no choice but to ride it out. Not all of the DVD was music so there were lulls in the atmosphere.

After 90 minutes the screen dropped to reveal Tiesto ready on the decks, already on the mix. With the screen dropping the volume went up and the party started properly.

With the DVD playing a lot of recent tracks and remixes his live set consisted of older tracks, but great ones all the same. Included in the set were Ayla, Eugina, Universal Nation, Xpander and other trance classics.

Some people got a little carried away with the whole thing :D

Cheap crowd pop!

Having wrapped up his set just before 3a.m. he gave his support to the crowd, but on this occasions didn't have a mic.

Then it was back onto the decks for one last track. I thought it may have been Adagio, perhaps his most famous track, but instead he played the title track from the Elements of Life album.

It was an excellent night, the only downside came when it was time to get home. They've not yet sorted out a decent run of night buses from the Dome, so I had to walk a couple of miles into Greenwich to get a bus from there. But it didn't spoil the night at all and it did mean I could get a shot of Canary Wharf on the way.

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