Sunday, July 17, 2016

Exhibition: HyperJapan @ Olympia

Some random photos from this Summer's Hyperjapan, an event of all things Japanese.


Something from the Nintendo stand which had the biggest crowds.

Random prop stand, you can buy famous video game swords. I'm not sure how you get them home though.

One of the live performers.

Okonomiyaki, aka a delicious cabbage based omelette

The olympia event is always pretty big with the displays downstairs and craft stands upstairs.

Some pretty cool art!

Giving away free shit at the Nintendo stand

The pastel coloured fashion I think is called Fairy Kei. It's probably a Harajuku thing.

Another music act, who were great despite the poor acoustics of the venue. The dj is a lot cuter in real life than she appears in their videos.

She looks psycho here!

They always hold a cosplay tourney at these events and a lot of work goes into the costumes even I don't recognise the sources most of the time. The robot should have won.

Cute doges.

Retro gaming.

An entire stand of panda things.

Some artists had stands selling their pieces. I liked the UV hooded character.

More Jap tat!

and more

I have no idea who came up with pastel alpacas, but these were quite popular.

Old school japanese robots. It was Japanese friends at primary school having toys like this who helped get me interested in all things Japanese. 

More chaps in suits.

The main draw of the Nintendo stand was the new Zelda game. It looks good.

More art.

More costumes.

and it wouldn't be a Japanese event without some silly DDR.

So a good way to spend a few hours. The next one is in November.

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