Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Show: Champions of Magic

Soon after The Illusionists revisit to London another show popped up as part of the Finsbury Park Comedy Festival. Called "Champions of Magic" it was a run of a few nights featuring a number of mainstay acts the show, promising an evening of big stage illusions, mentalism and close up magic. 

Young and Strange (that's their name apparently) were a double-act who focused on the big illusions often with some comedy element. They were good but the tricks were catalogue tricks that I was familiar with. I hadn't seen one with a white tiger though, so that was cool ;)

Alex McAleer focused on the mentalism side of magic and looking a bit like Derren Brown with a hipster's waxed moustache he was actually pretty good.

The close up stuff was Edward Hilsum's forte and he did some pretty good tricks although I was familiar with them to know how they were being done. He needs to work on his mannerisms though. His perma-grin was grating, unless he's suffering from the same disability that befell The Joker, in which case I apologise. However if you like your magic to be done in the classic style then you'd like him.

But my favourite act was long-time magician Fay Presto who brings the intentional clumsy magic of Tommy Cooper to a new audience. Her linking rings is just brilliant.

So a good night, and a well produced show that has been touring apparently for a few years; I guess I just kept missing it.

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