Saturday, March 19, 2016

Film: The Boy

I saw a trailer for this a few weeks ago and thought it was worth seeing. There's something about ventriloquists dummies that freaks me out so thought why not.

An american woman is invited to a country house in the UK to look after a young boy whilst his parents take a small break. The young boy in this case is a doll called Brahms, a physical manifestation of the son who died 20 years earlier. It's not long before weird things start to happen and the woman questions whether the doll is just a doll or something more.

So the film is OK, there's a couple of jump moments and the clues are there to explain what is actually going on (I'll admit to not getting them all but did figure it out). I also suspect this'll be popular enough to warrant some people wearing the Brahms outfit at Halloween. The horror genre rarely produces genuinely scary movies anymore, and this doesn't change that, but it's an OK way to spend a couple of hours.

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