Sunday, March 20, 2016

Film: Anamolisa

Missing out on the Oscar for best animated feature, Anamolisa is the latest piece from Charlie Kaufman and was funded through a kickstarter project to turn a radio play into a film. 

Firstly don't be misled by the trailer which makes the film sound like some sort of motivational life affirming piece of art. It's not, and if you know Charlie Kaufman it's more layered than that. It's basically the story of a man failing at life who's asked to present at a conference and at the hotel has a one-night stand with his perfect woman...or does he. The film is peppered with psychosis, and the hotel is named after a condition where you believe everybody is the same person, and as one man does most of the voices in this film you'd be inclined to believe the protagonist is suffering from that. 

It's definitely one to watch and discuss after, but the winner here isn't just the story but the animation too, which is beautifully crafted and says a lot for whichever film that won the Oscar as that must have been amazing to better this. 

oh, and there is some puppet sex if that's your thing. Not as bad as Team America's mind you.

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