Friday, March 11, 2016

Event: Bug 50

A rather special Bug show as it reaches number 50. Here are the videos on tonight's show!

Kalle Mattson "Avalanche"
Tune is alright, and the video is very clever but I couldn't name all the covers. How well could you do?

De Staat "Witch Doctor"
Love this video as basic as it is. There are clips on the tube where live audiences are doing this at their gigs. Epic!

OK Go "Upside Down & Inside Out"
OK Go will always feature at Bug so not a surprise that their latest featured. A very clever use of the vomit comet and there's a great making of online too. How ill does the guy in red look?

Anna Meredith "Taken"
I'm not sure about this one, based on 18 similar shots running together in a single view, and the song didn't stick in my head at all, probably because I was trying to take in all the images.

Massive Attack ft Young Fathers "Voodoo in my Blood"
A stunning video for an OK track, with a great performance from Rosamund Pike. Loved this!

Jack Garratt "Worry"
Not my kind of music at all but the video is different, where the director accidentally recorded over the live video with an audition reel. Interesting ending.

Yeasayer "I am Chemistry"
I didn't like this track and I didn't like the video.

Oneohtrix Point Never "Sticky Drama"
This one was just weird. Somebody out there would no doubt love this; not me!

The Shoes ft Dominic Lord "1906's Horror"
This one came with a warning as it features shots of a chicken factory, but stick with it and the chicken wins.

Mr Oizo ft Charli XCX (Hand in the Fire)
My favourite of the night was this one from Mr Oizo, and more because it featured Flat Eric than it featured Charli XCX. I thought it was amusingly clever!

Massive Attack ft Tricky & 3D "Take it There"
I loved the other Massive Attack video, I didn't like this one although the choreography was good.

Chemical Brothers ft Beck "Wide Open"
This would have been video of the night only they'd shown it at the last one. It is utterly beautiful though with music, choreography and some impressive 3D modelling coming together into a stunning piece of art!

Miike Snow "Genghis Khan"
The night finished with this great video for an OK track. Like the preceding clip this just pulls everything together superbly, although I'm not into the music that much.

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