Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Film: Victoria

Victoria is a bit of an odd German film that tells the story of an independent Spanish girl in Berlin who meets up with a group of lads after a night of clubbing and ends up becoming part of their bank robbery crew.

The gimmick to this film is that it's a single take movie, and the marketing seemed to focus on that more than the plot. They should have made more of the fact that most of the dialogue is improvised as that blew me away more than the camera work, once I'd realised after I'd seen the film. Being a single take mistakes had to be kept in. At one point Sonne, the lead guy refers to a cafe as a hotel and cracks up laughing. The camerawork is stunning and whilst not overly complicated in technique (descending a roof top staircase is perhaps the trickiest) it doe pull you in to the film.

Performances are great despite some obviously pretend piano playing, and whilst it may seem odd why the eponymous heroine would go along with events, the explanations to her character are explained through the film. The first half of the film is very slow but serves to establish the characters, it does pick up in the second half and brings you through to a sensible conclusion.

Run Lola Run will take some beating to win my Favourite German Film title. This doesn't achieve that but it has a good try.

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