Monday, March 14, 2016

Film: Adaptation

The ever great Prince Charles Cinema does an occasional £1 a ticket for members night and whilst waiting for Allegiant to start saw this being advertised, so as soon as that film was finished I walked around and saw this, and I guess I was lucky because the theatre was full of fans.

The film is a film about the director of the film struggling to write a film adaptation of a book about a woman looking to write a book about her quest for a rare orchid, and it's a trite confusing the first time you watch it with layers of meta cognition that comes with Kaufman's writing. Having seen it several times I knew what I was letting myself for and found it easier to follow this time. Nicholas Cage does alright in this playing both the director Charlie Kaufman and his twin brother, which in real life the director doesn't have. The best performance however comes from Chris Cooper the orchid hunter who is great.

Not one if you want an easy film night, this requires a little concentration.

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