Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Film: Hail Caeser

Oh, it's the Coen Brothers so an instant classic and a film that reviewers and journalists will no doubt gush over. I'm not a journalist and I'm a lousy reviewer but this film was instantly forgettable. There's no real plot, just a pastiche of classic cinema wrapped up within a film set in a film studio.

There are synchronised swimming routines, dance routines and stuff like that. Performances are fine but nobody steals the show. I only saw the film a few hours ago and I'm already forgetting what was in it. Oh, there was silly communist kidnap thing going on, and a stunt man being put in a serious production and bombing terribly...nothing pulls it all together.

It'll no doubt win Oscars, I predict this because I seem to have a knack for hating films that do.

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