Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Event: The Duke Mitchell Film Club

Time for something a little different tonight as I went along to my first Duke Mitchell event, which was their 100th show. I found out about these guys through their Dangerous Men showing at The Prince Charles. With a love of searching video cassettes for the badly made, this was right up my street.

The night started with some trailers for bad shows. My favourite was this. 

Midgets vs Mascots. Something that could be a Jackass spinoff.

We then had a series of short clips, and the favourite in this section was this.

Joe Scruggs is a singer from Austin, Texas who penned bizarre stuff like this.

Following a quick quiz where the prizes were films straight from the bottom shelf of Blockbusters (the winner gave his Adam Sandler film back) we then went onto the main event.

Cool Cat Saves The Kids is one of the worst things I've ever had to sit through.
It features a man in a cat suit who teaches kids about not being a bully, how to cross the road and stuff like that. The intent is pure and the creator's heart is in the right place. But the way this is done is just wrong and borderline sinister. The creator plays Cool Cat's dad, and Cool Cat's mother is a woman in a cat suit which implies the guy likes cats a bit too much. The production is bad, Cool Cat's Mom sounds like she's being dubbed from the back of the room, Cool Cat seems to run on red bull in his veins, with an emotional range that runs from hyper to very hyper. The children actors are really bad, girls can't walk - they have to skip everywhere for example, and somehow the producer managed to get Kill Bill's Vivica Fox and Ponch from CHIPS to star in this.

Somehow I got through the film, and my first Duke Mitchell night, and despite the terrible material the night was entertaining and we had a good night. 

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