Monday, March 14, 2016

Film: Allegiant

The third part of four (why does Hollywood insist on doing this) that make up The Divergent Trilogy has now been released and having seen 1 and 2 I was now trapped into seeing part 3, as I will be when part 4 comes out. This one is weaker than the other two partly because through most of the film the heroine Tris is made to wear a nice dress and heels and as such doesn't get to do much of the action stuff. There is a good scene at the start where she's wearing her old clothes and gets to wirerun up the wall surrounding Chicago in which they've been trapped for 2 years. There's also a flying bit towards the end, again in her old clothes, but most of the film is left to the stupidly named "Four" to get the action stuff. CGI is good but there's some terrible green screen work early on in the film, which you can't miss.
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