Saturday, March 19, 2016

Film: 10 Cloverfield Lane

This film looks to have appeared from nowhere and a bit of digging revealed that to be intentional. This is almost like a play with a cast of 3 main characters and 1 extra and is set in a fallout shelter in which having survived a car crash a woman finds herself in with a conspiracy theorist and random man for company and how it all plays out is the gist of the film.

The film hangs on a what is outside the bunker and whether we're to believe the conspiracist that it's not safe to leave. Why they bothered to include "Cloverfield" in the title I'll conclude was only for marketing reasons. It's not a sequel to the Godzilla rip-off that came out a few years back and I'll assume the film was named this in the hope people thought it might be and it would get more bums on seats; a dangerous precedent.

The performances of the 3 were great, particularly John Goodman who can do no wrong (with the exceptions of the Flintstones perhaps) and I'm a fan of Mary Elizabeth Winstead too. Not knowing who was in this film before going to see it, it was a nice surprise to see both. I'd happily be trapped in a bunker with Elizabeth for several days...There was also some inventive solutionising on the part of Mary's character which makes me think the writers were fans of MacGyver.

So I liked it but a watch out, the ending is going to cause discussion :)

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