Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Film: Green Slime

This month's Mystery Movie at The Prince Charles was this amazing Italian-Japanese sci-fi collaboration from the late 60's. It looks similar to the original Godzilla with toys and models used for the effects and baddies in rubber suits. The baddies in this one I think were Japanese kids in rubber blob suits swinging tentacles from side-to-side with sparklers on the end. 

The film starts out like Armageddon with a couple of guys who don't get on flying to an asteroid that is heading for the earth with an aim to blow it up before it connects. They succeed but in doing so inadvertently bring an alien creature back onto their ship. The alien thrives on power and is able to grow and clone itself when exposed to electricity, and with a space station powered by that, they thrive and take over.

My favourite scene was a man with a crash helmet on decided to answer a desk phone and couldn't get the ear part to his ear, it was so stupid you had to question whether this film was filmed deliberately tongue-in-cheek (answer: it wasn't). Being a 60's film there was also a disco scene convenient when the women were all wearing short shiny outfits!

Oh, and the film has a theme tune that is amazing in its own right.

With the mystery nights you'll never know what you're get but that's part of the fun. Putting your evening into the hands of the programmer at the cinema is the gamble, and tonight paid off big time; the audience loved this film, and I'd much rather have nights like this than having to sit through Hail Caeser again.
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