Monday, March 07, 2016

Comedy: Old Rope

This week's Old Rope was a bit tough on account of the low attendance but featured the following

Suzi Ruffell (Compere) - Continues to be funny. Nice that she can still be out at night despite having just adopted a kid.
Milton Jones. Apologised for not wearing his red tie and told us what would happen should Big Ben fall on him.
Sarah Callaghan. Has the council estate shtick down to a fine art. Swears a lot!
Amy Howerska. Surreal and quite random, probably from being an army kid.
Robin Ince taught us about anticipointment and the books he'd bought that day
Eleanor Tiernan. Very Irish and therefore funny
James Veitch. Sung a couple of songs, one about role play which was funny.
Carey Marx (I think it was him). Some routine about a stage magician with their mum as the assistant.
Andrew Maxwell (Headline). A long and amusing spiel in preparation for a Radio 4 show.

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