Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gig: Grimes @ Brixton Academy

Gig number 4 was Canadian Grimes, whose name paints the wrong impression of the sound.

Support was from a singer/producer called Hana who is also Grimes' backup singer and a great talent in her own right. With her first single Clay just being released it was a good opportunity to appeal to an audience that probably didn't know who she was other than the backing singer. 
She bounced about like Sport Spice.

After a small break of classical/opera DJing it was time for Grimes to pop up and that she did looking like Cyndi Lauper.

As a performer she's great but when she's talking to the crowd she is a nervous and shy little thing full of nervous giggles. It was bizarre how she'd go from that instantly into some Andrew WK style growling to lead into the next track.

Accompanied by a circle of keyboards, 2 dancers and Hana as a props/backing singer the show was straight forward but superb, the sound ranging from bubble gum pop to near brown note stomach piercing bass. A tight set at around 90 minutes and I liked that she was too shy to do an encore so finished up with the new single before skipping off the stage like a teenage schoolgirl.

Good gig!

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