Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Film: The Girl On The Train

Based on a book of the same name, The Girl on the Train is a story of an alcoholic woman who believes she's witnessed the killer of a woman who has gone missing. Being based on a book, and quite closely this time I believe, the story bounces around and has a couple of twists. Whilst the story was alright it was the lead performance that won me over. Emily Blunt has been my favourite female actress since that sci-fi film she did with Diddy Thomas Cruise and she puts on another great performance here. 

I knew nothing about the book, or the film in fact and I rocked up at the cinema with no idea what to watch. I chose well, and wasn't disappointed.

The only miss, I didn't twig Rebecca Ferguson was in it despite her having a major role. She looked a lot different and played a less active role than she did in MI6 where she appeared alongside Diddy Thomas Cruise.

If you liked Gone Girl or Before I Go to Sleep then give this one a go.

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