Friday, October 07, 2016

Gig: Jean Michel Jarre @ O2

Having skipped the majority of his set at BlueDot in favour of DJ Shadow I was very keen to ensure I saw this London show and having seen him at the O2 for his 10-10-10 gig I knew that I'd get the best view of the stage production at the rear of the arena.

So whilst the shots are far off, they encompass the range of the visuals that he brought to his show which were provided by a series of LED curtains that could be re-positioned across the stage partnered with the obligatory lasers (including harp)

The show was great and despite being a sit-down show (at least in our section) the crowd were well into it and I like that has he's got older the tempo of his tracks have gotten faster.

in the finale he played a new Oxygene track, which was great too.

The DJ who I have no idea who he was played an ok set but there was a 40 minute gap between him and Jarre so any build up was lost when Jarre started.

His collaboration with Edward Snowden features in the set.

Lovely lasers!

Equinox visuals

Modern day Equinox visuals

The finale was the new oxygene track

A happy crowd!

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