Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Film: Dr Strange

The latest in the Marvel universe has Benedict Cumbybunch playing the part of Dr Steven Strange, a talented, if jumped-up, surgeon who injures his hands in a car crash and unable to get them fixed hears about a temple in Tibet where a cure may be found. When he gets there he finds Tilda (Basmati Rice) Swinton, a sensei type character who opens Dr Strange's eyes to a dimension beyond the world he's used to.

The story is mostly back-plot to the character but is as well written as you'd expect from a Marvel film. The performances are fine with strong performances from most of the cast including Rachel McAdams who has come a long way since Mean Girls.

But what they saved in money in producing the script they more than made up with the budget spent on the special effects which are the real star of the show. With fight sequences taking place in cities that have been warped like Inception then cut up like a Cyriak video, you will be blown away by the effects, even more so if watching the film in 3D.

So an OK romp, and do sit through the trailers for the 2 stingers that set up a sequel and join this character to the wider Marvel universe.

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