Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gig: Fightback @ The Roundhouse

Fightback was a fund raiser music night for the music venue trust, an organisation that fights to keep music venues open, and with lots of London's culture being lost to property developers it seemed like a worthy cause and an excuse to hear some new live music.

The Carnaby's were ok, we only caught the end of their set.

Public Service Broadcasting were great and having seen them at BlueDot we knew what we were getting here. They weren't the main event (that went to Everything Everything) but they were perfect for us and we left after their set.

We sort of made a mistake with Rory Butler as he was playing in a smaller room with a one-in-one-out system of crowd control. Having been let in the door was shut behind us and we had to make our way rather embarrassingly to two empty seats, and then sit through as much of the set as we could tolerate before escaping. He was too acoustic and repetitive for us.

Tim Arnold and the Soho Hobos were ok but we wanted to flee the lock-in room. He sang the catchiest song of the night which still gives me ear worm today.

Jake Isaac was an engaging track who won the crowd over and I suspect it was his first major gig. One to look out for. I think he'll do very well.

Ed Harcourt was the most confusing act. His tunes were pretty dark like Nick Cave and his performance was a little....special, but his music stuck with me and it was his album I listened to on the way home despite thinking at the gig he wasn't to my liking. Certainly an acquired taste.

So a nice easy night that wasn't filled to capacity giving us room to have a good time. A varied selection of bands some that were good and some that weren't. There were many more than I've shown here.

The Roundhouse is great and for more of the music venue trust's work check out their website at www.musicventuetrust.com

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