Sunday, October 02, 2016

Film: El Orfanato

El Orfanato is one of my favourite horror movies and the last film to give me a proper jump scare and to celebrate its 10th anniversary the Prince Charles Cinema decided to show it. 

If you've not seen it (and why not) the story tells the tale of a woman who returns to the orphanage in which she grew up to re-open it. At the opening party her son disappears and convinced he's been abducted by the ghosts of her formal class mates who were killed in suspicious circumstances.

The tension that the director builds up is incredible; you'll never see a slightly open door in quite the same way having seen this. Seeing it a second time was still enjoyable despite knowing what's coming, and the ending is still as hard hitting as I remember.

So, in summary, a must-see!

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