Monday, October 04, 2004

B-Boy Championships are over...

...and what a superb weekend it was.

Saturday was the singles battles and featured a B-Boy battle and for the first time a Popping battle. For me the latter was the better contest, and the final came down to French guys; Salah and Sally Sly. I'd seen Salah before and knew he was really good but here he was in his element and he totally blew all the opposition away, to say he was in another league would be an understatement. However for reasons that no-one can figure out, the judges gave it to Sly. The crowd went mad when the announcement was made. Sly left and Salah stayed and gave another performance. You can tell that this guy has a background in mime and he brings that to his popping. I can't find any footage to show you how good he is, if I do I'll post it. Oh and in the b-boy battle it ended up with two Koreans in the final; Hong 10 and Physics. This final was really close but Physics won it with 8 spins on his elbow, some shit that blew away Crazy Legs, so it must have been good.

Sunday was the team battle and this ended up with a Korean / American final - Project Seoul vs Massive Monkeys. This was really close, both teams having some great routines. I personally thought the Americans had it but the judges gave it to the Koreans. The team battles for me are what the whole weekend are about, and the crowd was well up for seeing these. The move of the night involved a french kid running into 2 team mates and then being launched backwards up into the air towards the rest of the crew who'd built a tower to catch him. Crazy!!!!

The only downside to the weekend was a live act called Breakestra. If there was a musical equivalent to dying on stage then they did it. Unfortunately they played a continual set so had no opportunity to stop and gauge the audience reaction. It got so bad that people just started doing their own battles in the crowd for entertainment.

Not me though, I just watched...

Roll on next year which I hope will be something special given it's the 10th anniversary.
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