Wednesday, January 05, 2005

How much of my time do they want?

We had a 3 minute silence for the Tsunami victims today at work, as was happening all over Europe. I chose to leave the office before it started as I didn't feel it was right to be told how I should remember the tragedy. Yep it's bad that it happened but when the media (who is driving this) asks for my time on a selective basis then I oppose that.

I can't deny that what happened has been pretty devastating but it got 3 minutes today and another 2 on New Years Eve. Even our war veterans get less than that (one rememberance event I have no problem with). I think when Ken Bigley was killed there were 2 minutes there as well (and he's just a fool who ignored Government warnings in light of some quick cash). 9/11 got also got 2 minutes. In what is appearing to be an increasing trend, it won't be long before we're staying quiet for 10 minutes. Asking for all this time demeans the value of it.

The thing with all of these is that in most cases (except Bigley) we can't forget them if we lived through the event when it happened. There are other events such as Rwanda that are just as horrible but because there's no story there for the papers to sell we don't have it pushed in our faces, and feel obliged to remember and pay up.

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